Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency Introduces Tier-Based Fee System

Regulators in Michigan announced on Thursday that permission rewards for law medical marijuana businesses in the commonwealth will be transitioning to a tier-based arrangement beginning on October 1. Under the proposal, most businesses would see a decrease in costs or no change, while some companionships will end up paying more.

Andrew Brisbo, the director of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, was indicated that medical dopes companies will now pay license rewards based on their size.

“We want to originate the fees reasonably related to the size of the operation, so jobs are an equitable share, ” said Brisbo.

Under the regulations currently in place, small-minded farming business can apply for a Class A permission, which carries a reward of $10,000 once the grower has been approved by the state. Other medical marijuana businesses compensate $66,000, up from the original $48,000 cost that enters into force in July 2018. Cannabis testing labs are not required to pay a license fee.

Under the brand-new tiered method that goes into effect on October 1, the Class A growers license fee of $10,000 will not change. Other organizations will compensate costs based on a three-tier system. New licensees will pay the middle-tier reward when they are initially approved by the state.

Class B growers will compensate permission costs of $24,000, $30,000, or $36,000 based the size of the operation. Class C growers and processors will compensate $45,000, $56,000, or $67,000. Provisioning centers( dispensaries) and safe transporters will pay $36,000, $44,000, or $52,000.

Brisbo said that the brand-new costs were set to cover the costs of regulating the state’s medical marijuana industry.

“We try to set the fees simply to offset the fees of our agency and another overheads building in from the MMFLA( Medical Marihuana Facility Licensing Act ), ” Brisbo said.

Recreational Pot License Fees Lower

State regulators have also secreted the permission costs for businesses to participate in Michigan’s legal recreational pot marketplace, which launchings eventually this year. Those license fees will actually be less than the costs for medical marijuana businesses. For speciman, medical marijuana provisioning centers will pay $36,000 to $52,000 to renew their license while a similar permission for a recreational cannabis browse will cost $ 20,000 to $30,000 to renew.

Brisbo said that the difference in fees for recreational cannabis and medical marijuana businesses is due to state settles that require some medical smokes licensing fees to be diverted to external programs. The monies go to the state health department to support substance abuse curricula, to the Michigan State Police for standard arena sobriety testing and police training, and to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for licensing essence operation condition programs.

The Marijuana Regulatory Authority will begin bear permission have applied for recreational cannabis businesses on November 1.

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